Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ornate Frame Mixed Media Wall Art

Recently I was at my local thrift store, or more like my "Home Away From Home" and I saw an abundance of these really cool, really cheap ornate metal frames.  I scooped them up not really sure what I was going to do with them, but had a couple ideas flying around my head. 

With a little inspiration from my roommates, this was the final product. 

It has definitely become a conversation piece to say the least. 

Picture quality isn't the best but I assume you get the idea =)

All you need:
*an old frame
*a printer
*mod podge
*sponge brush

So easy! Just think of a quote or saying that you can print out. I only had white printer paper but there are other colors and shades available out there. I also used a free online photoshop to mess around with the fonts. If you go to they have a bunch of free fonts you can download straight to your computer. There is also a great website PIXLR where you can create different layouts (kind of like Photoshop but without killing your wallet!)

I designed the font and layout I wanted then just modpodged some old newspaper to the back of the frame, lined up my words, glued them down then went over the whole thing a couple times with the ModPodge.  

It really was easy! Took maybe an hour all together to do. 

Hope you enjoyed this little project and remember to "Wash Your F****** Hands!"